Sixty years producing innovative products for agricultural equipment

Trust WCCO belts to keep you in the field and help maximize your yield. By designing each product according to the operational requirements of a specific application, our belts consistently outperform the industry standard in numerous product segments. This effectively lowers the total cost of ownership for you and your customers. If you are an equipment manufacturer, give us a call to learn what we’re capable of. If you are a grower, WCCO makes replacement parts so you, too, can benefit from our technology. Contact your local dealer or distributor for more information.

WCCO Header Drapers

Header Drapers

The patented fabric technology in RAPTOR® draper belting makes it the gold standard and the only draper in world that can measure up to the operational demands of modern combine draper headers

WCCO Swather and Windrower Belts

Swather and Windrower Belts

The RAPTOR® belting design provides value through its superior amount of tear and tensile strength, as well as its high resistance to belt punctures

WCCO Header Drapers

Merger Belts

A combination of RAPTOR® and pickup belt technology efficiently combines material rows while reducing crop loss and risk of unwanted stones and soil

WCCO Pickup Belts

Pickup Belts

Pickup belts are made with double-prong teeth to aid equipment in gently lifting swaths of wheat, barley, grass seed, and more for the efficient transfer of crop

WCCO Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

Smooth, texture, pattern, or cleated, our constructions are specially designed according to the technical requirements of your application – ask about our patented Web-Cleat

WCCO Tub Grinder Belts

Tub Grinder Belts

WCCO’s cleated belts are made using an exclusive process which results in an integrally molded belt that holds similar properties throughout

WCCO Baler Belts

Baler Belts

Our baler belts are manufactured with a custom-engineered fabric to increase belt strength and stiffness which improves belt tracking and hook retention

WCCO Cotton Picker Belts

Cotton Picker Belts

Our cotton picker belts use the same custom-engineered fabric as our baler belts, and the added strength will get you through harvest without trouble

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