Advancing belt technology through value innovation

WCCO Belting is the value innovator in our industry. We help you achieve product differentiation while lowering your total cost of ownership. Our passion for innovation combined with our custom-built equipment and proprietary processes results in high value opportunities for you and your customers. Work with the WCCO product development team to design and manufacture the best product solution for your application.

We focus on the technological advancement of each belt component and raw material in order to provide you with a superior finished product. By tracking the quality of our raw materials through each phase of manufacturing, we have a clear view of the properties of our belting. WCCO’s strong partnerships with its rubber compounder and textile manufacturer substantially expands our innovation capabilities. Understanding the technical specifications of rubber and fabric plays a critical role in belt performance. That’s why we believe you deserve to know what your belt is made of from the inside out.

WCCO continues to prove its ability to innovate with multiple patented and patent-pending products, the most well-known being RAPTOR® Draper Belting. When combine draper header manufacturers needed a belt that could stand up to the increasingly high demands of its modern equipment, WCCO delivered a game-changing patented fabric technology. The RAPTOR® belt construction provides the highest tensile strength, tear strength, and puncture resistance in the draper header, swather, merger, and windrower market worldwide. WCCO’s also helping tube conveyor manufacturers and their customers gain an edge with a patented web-cleat technology. Combined with our proprietary single-step vulcanization process, this cleated belt lets you and your customers convey faster and at steeper angles than standard belt patterns. Call us to learn about our other innovative products and a sustainable rubber technology that’s coming soon.

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