We are always looking for great people since loving where you work begins with the people you work with.

The strength of WCCO Belting comes from a long-term perspective, stable leadership, and a solid identity drawn from traditions and values that are deeply rooted in the history of the Shorma family business. Chosen multiple times as one of the areas’ best places to work, our open culture is dedicated to employee engagement and empowerment.


While we're proud of what we’ve built here, we're even more proud we created a company around people who love to work, collaborate, and grow together. You sense it on day one. This is a place that celebrates family values, a healthy work-life balance, and being an active neighbor in the community. This is where your work ethic and creativity are rewarded — all powered by unmatched WCCO Belting teamwork that pushes you to perfect your skills and grow your career. Each day, we prove that loving where you work begins with the people you work with.


We believe that anyone can build a rewarding career in manufacturing, and you don't need experience in our industry to find success.  WCCO's products and processes are extremely unique, that's why we've invested in a hearty internal training program. All new employees start on a level playing field and train side-by-side regardless of past experience, age, gender, or first language.  

WCCO's internal training program includes 90+ classes on job skills related to our products and processes. Our goal is to help employees unlock their potential, realize their gifts, and apply and develop their talent to achieve a meaningful career.


We believe that some of the best ideas come from the bottom up – meaning the employees on the production floor and those closest to the issues faced by our customers. To give everyone the opportunity to make an impact while making an income, WCCO launched a Process Improvement Program in 2014. Since then, over 1,500 employee suggestions that have been submitted have moved forward to implementation, the majority coming directly from the operations team.  


With an understanding that families of all shapes and sizes prosper with a steady routine, WCCO production employees have eight-hour non-rotating shifts. We offer a great benefits package with 401K retirement plan funding and an employee profit-sharing program. WCCO promotes wellness with an Employee Assistance Program, as well as a local gym membership and sponsoring employee sports teams (softball, volleyball, golf, and trap). To learn more about what WCCO can offer you as an employer, feel free to contact us through our website, email careers@wccobelt.com, or stop by our office at 1998 9th Street North in Wahpeton.

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Our dedicated team and friendly culture consistently rank WCCO as one of the best places to work in the area, and we are always looking for great people