Celebrating a Milestone with Donuts, Blog PostWe were excited to celebrate our employees by providing donuts in honor of having 4,000 employee suggestions submitted! Read on to learn more about the program and to hear about some of the types of suggestions that have been submitted and implemented.

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The Benefits of In-House Toolmaking, Article in Modern Machine Shop MagazineOur Head of Plant Management, Rod Koch, was interviewed by Modern Machine Shop magazine for an article about how Continental is leveraging the machine tooling capabilities at the Wahpeton plant for the benefit of several of its plants. This demonstrates that even across timezones and tasks, when it comes to manufacturing, collaboration is key.

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A Beneficial Visit From our Leadership Team, Blog PostWe were pleased to recently host several members of Continental’s ContiTech leadership team including Mr. Phillip Nelles, member of Continental's Executive Board Group Sector ContiTech, and Mr. Andreas Gerstenberger, Head of Business Area "Industrial Solutions Americas,” among others, in Wahpeton, N.D. Read on to learn more about the visit and how it was mutually beneficial for all.

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Wahpeton Facility Continues to Give Back, Blog PostThe Wahpeton facility continues its tradition of giving back to the community and supporting local organizations. Recently, members of the facility attended the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) DREAMS Auction. Read on to learn more.

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Wahpeton Facility Announces Land Purchase to Accommodate Growing Business Needs, Blog PostThe Wahpeton facility is growing! Read on to learn more about how the new property will help the facility continue to grow.

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The Wahpeton facility's Nicole Bjerke was recently named to the Our own Nicole Bjerke, ASC, was named to the News Monitor and Wahpeton Daily News' 20 Under 40 list! Read on to learn more about the award.

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Draper Header Q&A with Rod Koch, Blog PostTo learn more about draper headers and how to properly take care of them, we asked Rod Koch, plant manager at Continental’s Wahpeton facility, where WCCO Belting products are manufactured – including RAPTOR Draper Belting – for some tips and tricks to extend the life of a draper header belt. From his own personal experiences on a farm and through his role at the Wahpeton facility, Rod shares some insider tips and tricks to help extend the life of a draper header. Read on to learn more.

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The benefits of hiring summer interns, Blog PostFor many years, team members from Continental’s Wahpeton plant have attended college career fairs at North Dakota State University and North Dakota State College of Science to talk to college students about internship opportunities at the facility. Read on to learn about how the facility - and students - both benefit from the summer internship program.

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A look back at the Wahpeton facility’s past year, Blog Post2023 was the Wahpeton facility’s first full year as part of Continental. The business, formerly WCCO Belting, brought its agriculture experience and knowledge to the ContiTech suite of products, thereby expanding Continental’s reach in the agriculture industry. Read on to learn about the facility's highlights from 2023.

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Belts on seed tender need TLC, too, Interview with Indiana Prairie Farmer magazineMichael Schroeder, our Head of Product Management for Conveying Solutions, was interviewed by Indiana Prairie Farmer for an article about the benefits of rubber belting on seed tender equipment and how to best take care of seed tender belts.

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