The Growers Guide to Replacing Belting, Bylined Article in North America Farm Equipment MagazineUsing experience from six-plus decades in the belting industry, WCCO Belting authored an article to help prepare growers to have conversations with suppliers to source quality replacement belting with confidence.

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WCCO Belting Introduces New Aggregates Conveyor Solution Called Direct X, Article in covered our new Direct X Cleat profile. The patent-pending Direct X conveyor belt offers a new solution for the crushing, grinding, sorting, screening, and piling operations in the aggregates and recycling industries.

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Women Changing Look of Rubber Industry, Interview with Rubber & Plastics NewsJean Voorhees, VP of Business Development, spoke with Rubber & Plastics News about the impressive number of women working on their production floor at WCCO Belting and what the company is doing to stand out.

Posted 7/27/20 (Mon) read more »

Insights & Intuitions, Article in Prairie Business MagazineWCCO's CEO/President, Tom Shorma, shared insights with Prairie Business Magazine in response to the question: What's the most important factor you consider when hiring a new employee?

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Corporate Culture Trends, Article in Prairie Business MagazineFor their Corporate Communities issue, Prairie Business Magazine interviewed Jean Voorhees, VP of Business Development at WCCO Belting, about the importance of work-life balance and the company's culture that helps attract and retain employees.

Posted 7/20/20 (Mon) read more »

WCCO Belting Talks About their Hemp Belt to Better Harvest CBD Oil, Q&A in North America Farm Equipment MagazineWCCO Belting's Mike Schroeder provided North America Farm Equipment Magazine with a Q&A focused on the importance of working together up front on a conveyor solution, which leads to positive outcomes in the fields for hemp farmers.

Posted 6/26/20 (Fri) read more »

A Thank You to the Unseen Infrastructure Workers, Blog PostJean Voorhees, VP of Business Development at WCCO Belting, wrote a blog post to call out and thank the infrastructure crews who work to build and repair our highways, bridges, dams, underground pipelines and more.

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Comparing Belt Requirements for Stationary Plants Versus Mobile Crushers, Bylined Article in Pit & QuarryWCCO Belting's Mike Schroeder wrote an article outlining the differences of stationary plants versus mobile crushers for the aggregates industry.

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WCCO Belting Debuts Direct X Cleat Profile for Conveying, Article in Rock ProductsRock Products covered WCCO Belting's new Direct X Cleat. The belting solution is for crushing, grinding, sorting, screening and piling operations in the aggregate and recycling industries.

Posted 6/09/20 (Tue) read more »

Guest Column: Lessons Learned Managing from Afar During COVID-19 Pandemic, Bylined Article in Rubber & Plastics NewsTom Shorma authored an article that ran in Rubber & Plastics News about how he lead the WCCO Belting team from a distance during a self imposed quarantine at the onset of the pandemic. In the article, he included key lessons learned from the company's response efforts.

Posted 5/19/20 (Tue) read more »

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