6 Ways WCCO Belting Supports the Agriculture Industry in Honor of National Ag Day, Blog PostIn honor of National Agriculture Day, on March 22, we are proud to share the ways WCCO Belting helps the agriculture industry feed and support the world.

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North Dakota manufacturers going full steam ahead on automation, Article in InForumWCCO Belting spoke with InForum reporter, Chris Evanella, about automation and its benefits for the company. They also gave him an inside peek of the production facility.

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Insights & Intuition, Article in Prairie Business MagazineWCCO's Rod Koch, Vice President of Operations, shared insights with Prairie Business Magazine in response to the question: “What is a quality you look for in a new employee and why?"

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Valley Lake, WCCO, Wilkin, Chahinkapa among Chamber winners, Article in Wahpeton Daily NewsThe Wahpeton Breckenridge Chamber of Commerce named WCCO Belting as Business of the Year at the recent annual meeting. Read on to learn more.

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How WCCO Belting embraced change to empower its employees and support its customers, Blog PostOver the last year, WCCO Belting has been working to enhance four key areas of the business that directly benefit employees, on the job and off, through the Strategic Engagement Innovation Project. The initiative includes revising the employee suggestion program, enhancing training and safety, and creating the CREW Team. Read on to learn about how these initiatives benefit employees and, in turn, our customers.

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A look back at 2021, Blog PostThe WCCO Belting team took time to look back on 2021 to share with you how the company approached the year given the many challenges that the manufacturing industry experienced and also shared successes and highlights.

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Right Conveyor Belt can be Key in Potato Storing Process, Bylined Article in SpudmanIn this article, WCCO's Mike Schroeder, shares information about how to pinpoint and troubleshoot common complications with conveyor belts in the potato storing process.

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WCCO Belting Wins ‘Cooperate Leadership in Philanthropy Award’ from Association of Fundraising Professionals Northern Plains Chapter, Press ReleaseThe Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Northern Plains Chapter named WCCO Belting as a 2021 winner of the ‘Cooperate Leadership in Philanthropy Award.’ The award honors a corporation or its corporate foundation that demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement.

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The Association of Fundraising Professionals Northern Plains Chapter named WCCO Belting as a 2021 winner of the “Cooperate Leadership in Philanthropy Award.” The award was presented on November 16, the day after National Philanthropy Day.

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WCCO Belting Recognized for Giving Back to Local Community, Blog PostSupporting the local community is a longstanding tradition for the Shorma family, which founded WCCO Belting, and continues today through the company's CREW Team, which has made significant progress involving employees in company efforts to support and engage with the local community. In honor of their community support, the Association of Fundraising Professionals Northern Plains Chapter awarded WCCO Belting with the Cooperate Leadership in Philanthropy Award.

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