Partner Highlight: WCCO Belting - Innovation Leaders, Bylined Article in North Dakota State College of Science's Alumni Review MagazineMark Beyer, Senior Product Development Engineer at WCCO Belting and Alumnus NDSCS, wrote an article for the college's Alumni Review Magazine about innovation at WCCO Belting.

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How WCCO Belting Uses Automation to Support its Production Employees and Benefit its Customers, Blog PostDuWayne Cookman, Automation Engineer at WCCO Belting, shares how WCCO Belting embraces automation, not to replace jobs, but to enhance roles and processes to ensure our production facility runs smoothly and efficiently, and to help avoid employee burnout.

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Equipment Roundup, Article in DTN Progressive Farmer magazineDTN Progressive Farmer included information about our new Raptor Edge Defender in their latest equipment roundup. 

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WCCO Belting’s New Patented Edge Defender™ Cleat for Raptor® Draper Belts Hits the Market in Agriculture Industry, Press ReleaseWCCO Belting’s patented Edge Defender™ cleat for combine harvest headers (draper platforms) is now available for aftermarket distribution and to agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide. The angled cleat design increases yield with product flow control technology that directs crop to the center of the draper and onto the feeder belt. It also reduces downtime from buildup under the belt by pulling crop away from the cutting edge.

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WCCO Belting's Top Four Ways to Promote Safety, Bylined Article in Industry TodayWCCO Belting's Rod Koch, our Vice President of Operations, wrote an article for Industry Today, in honor of National Safety Month in June, about how the company practices and promotes safety on the manufacturing floor.

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Meet the WCCO Belting safety team that helped cut the company’s incident rate in half in one year, Blog PostThis June, during National Safety Month, we introduce you to the team behind the scenes helping to ensure that safety continues to be a top priority at WCCO Belting.

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WCCO Belting Receives Prestigious “Workplace Safety Merit Award” and “Safety Improvement Award” from North Dakota Safety Council, Press ReleaseWCCO Belting received two awards from the North Dakota Safety Council. The Safety Improvement Award was earned by reducing the company’s incident rate by 50.2% from 2019 to 2020. The Workplace Safety Merit Award is given to NDSC member companies showing an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) below 1 for the year.

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Breckenridge Students are Taking Care of Business, Article in Wahpeton Daily NewsWith our CEO, Tom Shorma's, passion around exposing high school students to opportunities in manufacturing, Shorma will be a guest speaker at the Entrepreneurship Opportunities community event on May 26.

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How to Save Downtime When Replacing Belting on Balers, Bylined Article in Agriland IrelandWCCO's Chad Haugen compiled an article including frequently asked questions and answers using experience from more than six decades in the belting industry, to help in the pursuit of quality replacement belting this season.

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Preventative Maintenance for Draper Headers and Balers according to WCCO Belting, Bylined Article in Australia HeavyQuip JournalWCCO Belting's Chad Haugen wrote an article outlining a handful of tips - and the benefits - of belting preventative maintenance for draper headers and balers to help farmers be more successful in the upcoming harvest season.

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