Eliminating Gender Bias at WCCO Belting, Article in Industry Week

Eliminating Gender Bias at WCCO Belting, Article in Industry Week

Article by Adrienne Selko, Industry Week

Sometimes strategies work out even better than planned.

WCCO Belting, a manufacturer of custom rubber belting for machines serving the agriculture, construction, industrial, and recycling industries based in Fargo, N.D, wanted to ensure that its business culture expanded at the same rate as its business volume.

“One of the cores of our culture is respect,” explains Jean Voorhees, vice president of Business Development. “Every employee understands that from the minute they walk in the door.”

When the company wanted to expand the role of women in its workforce they viewed this goal from the perspective of respect and so focused on ability and not gender.

“To attract more women, especially in a tight labor market, we adopted a strategy of driving gender bias out of our company,” said Voorhees.

And that strategy worked. Women comprise almost half of the production floor jobs and 45% of the management jobs.

How did this happen?

To learn more and read the full article visit: https://www.industryweek.com/companies-executives/eliminating-gender-bias-wcco-belting

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