'HR Secrets' of the 50 Best, Article in Prairie Business Magazine

'HR Secrets' of the 50 Best, Article in Prairie Business Magazine

Rod Koch, WCCO Belting's Vice President of Operations, shared the following 'HR secrets' with Prairie Business Magazine for their May issue:

WCCO Belting is breaking manufacturing myths with First Impression Management practices.  Manufacturers are regularly stereotyped as minimum-wage employers offering little to no benefits in exchange for monotonous work on a dirty production floor.  For job seekers, it can be intimidating to both apply for a position in manufacturing and consider it a long-term career opportunity without knowing what goes on “in the back.”  That’s why WCCO changed our hiring strategy to be completely transparent.
WCCO’s job application includes a list of non-negotiable standards the candidate must agree to follow before being hired. This demonstrates what they can expect from WCCO Belting as an employer, and the conduct and performance the company expects of our employees in return.  We also forego traditional conference room “interrogations” and invite candidates on a full tour of WCCO’s facility.  The conversational style interview process encourages them to ask questions and helps our production manager learn where the candidate will best find job satisfaction.

View the full article at Prairie Business Magazine at: https://www.mydigitalpublication.com/publication/

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