Adding value with specialized equipment, proprietary processes, and continuous improvement

We use specialized equipment to manufacture belting, so it is safe to say no one in the world does it quite like we do. Our exclusive single-step vulcanization process uses a combination of extreme heat and pressure to permanently mold and cure belt components to the raw belt construction (uncured rubber and fabric). We do not fabricate products; our belts are made-to-order and come hot off the press. You and your customers will benefit from improved belt life because of the integrally molded belt that shares the same properties throughout.

WCCO is a vertically integrated business with a short supply-chain. Our global sourcing team works diligently with our rubber and fabric vendors holding them to strict quality standards and on-time deliveries. The company owns a calendering operation which uses heated pressure rollers to smooth the rubber compound and fabric into a raw belt construction. This material is then transported to WCCO for vulcanization. Being vertically integrated with a short supply-chain provides us with fundamental visibility and control over the properties of our finished products. We can track every belt down to the fabric roll and pallet of rubber compound it was made from. That means if there ever is a question, you can trust that our quality team will deliver a clear solution.

WCCO is ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to standards ensuring our products are safe, reliable, and of superior quality. We believe that manufacturing rubber belting is a science. Our employees are trained to understand and respect the complexity of our belts and how to make them. WCCO’s Training Program includes 20+ classes for continuing education of raw materials, rubber products, processes and equipment. The company’s Process Improvement Program is constantly making our operation leaner and more efficient as production personnel are given the opportunity to promote change. Each of these elements helps us add value and lower costs for you and your customers.

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